Sunday, 5 July 2015

National Open University of Nigeria Full Anthem!

                  This is indeed awesome and very interesting. It is 100% possible for students of National Open University of Nigeria to complete their school without acknowledging the school anthem.

So we have a kind of take it into our hands today, if you are among the student who are currently receiving academic education at NOUN Nigeria Academic School then you are thereby, required to know and recite your Anthem.

I know Ini Edo and Hon. Desmond Eliot are really happy to be a part of NOUN Nigeria School and it is expected of them to know the anthem, which I am sure they will know because they might be called upon to say it without informing them.
I love it just because of one thing and that is, it is too short and very inspiring. So those, who doesn't understand the anthem and can not recite the anthem, can now take a sip of coffee and listen to it below:-

National Open University Of Nigeria
Determined to be the foremost University of Nigeria
Providing highly accessible and enhanced quality education
Anchored by social justice, equity, equality and national cohesion


Come to N O U N For quality, cost effective and flexible learning
That adds life-long value,
For all who learn
For quality education and
For all who seek knowledge.

Sing it along!!

Congratulation, if incase, you can not remember the key, you can go to any NOUN facebook group and type "can anybody here who knows the keys of Noun, please if you do, you can drop your number" That's all!

But in the essence whereby, you fully know somebody that do go to the school, then it is as simple as ABCD!